How to find job near me? Can’t find a job? We have a solution

hi there and welcome back today we’re going to be answering a question from a reader who wants to know how to find more local job opportunities as opposed to having to only look for work in a big city that has a long commute I’m going to walk you through the three steps that you can take to find more of these jobs right in your backyard in fact this is a technique that I’ve taught thousands of people inside the work a daily career growth Club and one story I’m going to tell you today is about a woman who was convinced she was never going to find the kind of job that she wanted and she did with her dream employer in her little tiny town of less than 4,000 people.

So you’re ready to get started okay let’s go so my first tip is for you to take a drive that’s right so this a member of our program was convinced in her little four thousand population town that she was never going to find her dream job and the closest city to her was over an hour away and she didn’t want to do a two-hour + commute each day so my first advice to her was to hop in her car and drive around to every industrial park every office Park in the commutable area wherever she would be willing to drive to for this new job she would go and what you do is you go in and you look at the name of all the companies at that particular location there’s usually a big sign out front you can even go into the lobby sometimes there’s a sign right there you can snap a photograph with your smartphone and you’ll get a list of all these companies and you do this as much as you can.

I can’t find a job. So that you have this big list of these companies now a lot of the names you’re not going to recognize but that doesn’t matter all you need is the names so that you can move on to the next step so the second step in the process is to research all of these companies online now this member that I was talking about went back and started to go through and again most of the companies she had never recognized but she stumbled across one company who is owned by a parent company that was on her bucket list this is a company she had dreamed of working for her entire career and here they were a subsidiary that they owned right in her backyard what you want to do is go through the list and identify ten companies that’s right all the companies researched which ten are the most interesting and exciting to you.

Look at what they do what are the products and services they provide what are the customers that they serve how do they change the world how do they make a difference any company that you really get excited about when you think about who they are and they what do can be added to your list of 10 and you want to get that to 10 because you need that many in order to do, the next step in the process once you have that list you’re ready to go now.

Now the third step in the process is to research common connections so we have this incredible tool now LinkedIn where you can go and look up a company and see all of the employees that work at that company then you want to look at each employee and you will see whether they are first connected to you second line connected to you or a third line connected to you what you’ll find is that while you may not know somebody that works there directly sometimes you do you probably know somebody in your network who knows somebody who works there and the goal is to get an introduction facilitate an introduction by asking what’s called an informational interview.

So, this is simply when you ask your friend to introduce you to that person so that you could learn more about what it might take to earn a job there someday you’re not asking for a referral you’re not asking for them to get the job for you you just want to learn more about what it’s like to work there and what you’d have to do to earn that interview this is really important step in the process because we know for a fact that 80 percent of all jobs today are gotten via some form of referral oftentimes something like a weak tie like this is all you need

In order to gain the information, stand out and be able to apply for a job plus there’s a huge hidden job market out there a lot of times these companies actually have openings, but they don’t have job postings anywhere and the only way to find out is through this process.

So, it’s really important you do this step now the member I was telling you about went back did the research and found out she knew three different people that worked for similar companies and she was able to get those informational interviews set up with the local company what was amazing is that as soon as they met her they could not believe she had the skillsets and that she lived in this small town they were looking for somebody right in their backyard didn’t even know she existed she ended up landing her dream job great benefits and with a company she always wanted to work for all by following these three steps, so in conclusion it’s actually a lot easier than most people think to find jobs in their backyard it’s not really that hard all you need to do is follow the steps that I outlined for you it’s just discovering the opportunities that are there they’re not front and center but with a little bit of research you could find your dream employer too so you’re feeling kind of stuck or frustrated in your job search well if.

I hope you check out the article that we’ve got linked up here, it’s all about the 8 ways people are being shut out of the hiring process today and if you’re feeling that frustration you’re likely being shut out too so it’s free it’s easy lots of people have watched it and had big aha moments about what they could do differently in their job search to get better results and I promise you you’ll do the same if you read this article alright if you made it this far then hopefully you found something interesting in today’s article please share with us your favorite tip in the comments below also questions comments feedback we read each and every one maybe there’s a question you’d like us to answer in one of these future articles.


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